Always Do It Right Program

JBS works to ensure an ethical and honest environment in all its processes. To that end, it operates in all markets under the guidelines from the Global Compliance Division, the guardian of the processes, policies, channels and programs that encourage ethics and good conduct in the Company’s transactions and relations.

The company created a Global Compliance Division in 2017, responsible for developing the program “Always Do It Right”. To ensure that it operates independently, the division reports directly to the Board of Directors. The entity has two subordinate leadership headquartered in Brazil and the United States, whose teams are responsible for processes like risk assessment, due diligence of third parties, analysis of conflicts of interest, trainings and communication actions. Eight ethics committees breakdown the guidelines in the business reality and specific areas.

Ethics Committees

JBS has created Ethics Committees for each Business Unit to discuss advances in the “Always Do It Right” Program and issues involving the Ethics Line. These committees meet quarterly or as and when required and committee members are all part of the senior management team.

Always Do It Right

The “Always Do It Right” program seeks to encourage the maintenance of an ethical and honest environment in every company process, abiding by local and international compliance guidelines, the program is rooted in eight action pillars:

Pillars Of The JBS Compliance Program

New Ethics Line were also implemented in 2017, with the JBS Ethics Line available in South America and JBS Ethics Point can be accessed from any country where the Company does business. These channels are available in 17 languages, 24 hours a day and seven days a week and can be contacted by company staff or third parties.

In 2018, the Company issued its Global Code of Conduct and Ethics applicable to every region where it operates. This document contains the various directives about what is expected of team members in terms of behavior and compliance with internal policies.

The Business Associate Code of Conduct was launched at the same time to ensure our partners are aware of the standards of conduct we expect.

Communication and Training has also been a focus of attention since the Program began. Every year, the company organizes dozens of internal communication campaigns and thousands of hours of in-person and remote training courses focusing on Compliance issues.

As part of its current control mechanisms, JBS monitors product donations, sponsorships, the offer and/or receipt of promotional items and entertainment and other issues.

Another important area, called Third-Party Reputation Assessment, is also up and running. In this case, the company has developed its own automated tools to carry out detailed analyses of third parties’ reputations.


JBS in Brazil assumes ethical commitments to its shareholders, stakeholders and society. These include the Business Pact for Integrity and Against Corruption, which the company signed on April 25, 2018. The Commitment deals with:


Informing team members and stakeholders about the Brazilian Anticorruption Law;

Disseminating and providing guidance on the legal principles applicable to its activities;

Working with the production chain to develop practices of integrity and compliance with the law;

Prohibiting activities that could be construed as bribery;

Maintain the robust Compliance Program, working on constantly enhancing it;

Making an internal complaints channel available;

Transparent disclosure of the corporate structures of its business group;

Ensuring that its accounting records are correct and transparent.

As part of its evolution and engagement with the key bodies, JBS joined the Instituto Ethos and signed the Business Pact for Integrity and Against Corruption developed by the institute in order to propagate good business practices and promote and more honest and ethical market. Within this same institute, the company participates in working groups on topics referring to ethics and integrity.

JBS was top of all food sector companies in the organization’s 2018 report, classified as the company with the most transparent international operations. Read more here.